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Born in England, Steve Brear studied at Bradford Art College for five years whilst in full-time employment.  Under experts in the graphics industry, he attained many skills way in advance of the computer age.  These skills coupled with computer graphic production procedures, have allowed Steve a vast array of manual and graphic knowledge mastering many required procedures.


After many years of training, he started his own business in 1981.  The demands of this business involved world-wide travel and acquiring impressive digital production techniques.  His skills were in great demand and was awarded the title by clients as, "Mr. Fix-It."  He still holds that title.


His client base was vast and his reputation for graphics skilled work was widely-known and appreciated throughout the UK.  He was invited to serve the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and took over the Northern UK operations for the Labor Party in their efforts to regain power.  In 1997, through a massive effort along with his staff, paid dividends by seeing Tony Blair elected to British Prime Minister status.


In 2007, after many successful years in business undertakings in the UK and abroad, Steve was invited by one of his American clients to visit USA to discuss a business venture.  The next year, he decided to relocate and make America his home.  Now, together with his wife, Deborah, they reside in San Antonio, Texas - home of PiecePrints - The Original Furniture Overlays ™.

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