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Self Adhesive Overlay
Application Instructions

  1. Remove your overlay from the mailing tube and lay flat face down, preferably overnight. This will help in the application process.

  2. Before applying your overlay make certain that the surface is clean, dry and has been properly primed with either paint or a topcoat in any sheen.  Make sure that the area is smooth as the overlays are very thin and will show impurities in the finish.  Fine wet or dry sandpaper works well and once sanded, wipe the area clean before applying your print.

  3. Now that the surface is prepared, turn your PiecePrint over with the print side facing downward on your furniture.  Next peel back the white backing paper about 1” to make a hard fold (straight hinge) equally across the print ensuring the fold is flat.  You now have 1” of live adhesive. 

  4. Turn the print over and register the top of the overlay to the top of your furniture piece and the other edges.

  5. Once the print is positioned straight, allow the 1” live adhesive to make contact with your piece.

  6. Working from the middle outwards with a smooth constant pressure, use your finger or lint free cloth to start the application.  The first 1” is the most important in the entire process.

  7. Once the first 1” is registered, use your hand to release 1” of the backing paper.  With the cloth, use even motions across the print going side to side which forces out any air bubbles as you apply the print.  Once it’s fully adhered, check that all edges are properly fixed to your piece using your cloth on a final check.

  8. The final step is to apply 2-3 coats of water-based topcoat of your choice.  Allow drying time in between each coat. Our choice is satin sheen and our preferred is clear satin water-based interior polyurethane.

  9. You can paint on your PiecePrint to highlight areas.  They are perfect for blending around the print.  Many of our furniture artists have excellent results!


Copy this link to view one of our FB application tutorials

If you prefer a free consultation, please contact Steve Brear directly (760) 902-9366 (CST). at (760) 902-9366 (CST)

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