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Design Your Own PiecePrint!

Here's the easy steps to create your very own PiecePrint:

1)  Measure the area for your adhesive overlay.

2)  Send your photo or image to: along with your measurements.  

Note:  We can only print non-copyrighted images and never save images on our computer for our client's security.

3)  For measurements, we use "w" for the width of your image, and "h" for the height of our image area.  Example:  30"w x 24"h.

4)  Once your image and measurements are reviewed, we will reply within two business days with a customized quote.

5.  When you reply back that your quote is approved, we'll send you a link via PayPal for secure checkout.  Turnaround time for a custom order is five business days for production and three-four days  shipping within the 48-contiguous states.  International shipping time varies between countries .

Shipping via UPS. USA clients .  Canada shipping starts at $18.00 (US dollars)  and international at $24.50+ (US dollars).  It is based on weight.

Additional Information:

PiecePrints - The Original Furniture Overlays TM cannot be applied to bare wood or canvas but it can adhere to wood and canvas with a clear coat of Polycrylic first. It can be applied to a painted and completely dry surface. 

We recommend sealing your PiecePrints with two coats of water based Polycrylic immediately after applying the PiecePrint.  

To ensure you're receiving our product, on the back please note the following:

PiecePrints - The Original Furniture Overlays

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