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Story of the Sea Panels


Bonus images included with this paper!


Blue & Tattoos

tThe Frog & His Garden

Carrying Heart


Bad Girl Series

Go to the Principal's Office!

School for Misfits and

 Wayward Girls



Enduring Friendship

The Little Red Boat in the 

Great Big Sea

Tea on the High Seas

The Book Thieves

What's Inside a Girl:  Series

Approximately 16.75 x 22

When ordering the smaller prints above, be sure and select your first image and then your bonus image.  They can both be the same or they can be two different prints.  


Heart and Lungs

Garden and Anatomy

Because of the Wonderful Things He Does!

Image is approx 22w x 12h so bonus images included!

Telling Secrets


Mermaid Lanterns

Secrets of a Garden at Midnight

Broken Fences

Pretty in Pink Flamingo

Queen of the Sea

Candy Colored Jellyfish

Her Majesty

Mother Owl and Owlets

His Name is Edward

Mermaid Watching

The Black Sheep of Christmas

Two images to a page!

School Teacher Field Trip

Mermaid of the Deep

Don't Worry.  I'll Swim With You

Two bonus images!

I Found You!

Two bonus images

Madonna and Child

Two bonus images

Winter in the Park

Three bonus images

Walk with my Sisters


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