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Carolyn Nordahl

As a lifelong artist, very close to the top of Carolyn's lifetime bucket list was to learn the technique of watercolor painting. She had always imagined this goal would be very difficult to achieve as that medium appeared to be beyond her talents. She did, however, find an instructor and off she went into the marvelous world of watercolor, which she enjoys to this day. Mixed media is also an art form that is important to her. Carolyn believes in always exploring and expanding her interests in any art form that intrigues her. She is never surprised when something new presents itself. Right now, it is PiecePrint's furniture overlays art applications that holds her fascination and she is excited to become part of their team of skilled artists.

Carolyn’s line of watercolor and mixed media art can be found on her Facebook professional page Carolyn’s Watercolor Studio. She welcomes inquiries into any of the art that you may find there. She belongs to two art sales groups on Facebook: Lynne Looney’s Audacious Art Sales and Gallery 1111 Pollinator Project - Helping Pollinators Through Art. Her art can also be found in the lobby of the local newspaper in Florence, Oregon.

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